Tammy is a licensed therapist, specializing in headache disorders. She is dedicated to helping patients find joy and satisfaction in a life with migraine and headache disorders. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1993 at MidAmerica Nazarene University, she returned to MNU to complete a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling in 2009. Tammy Rome is highly experienced in empowering others to live their best lives, developing and strengthening personal resiliency in the face of challenging circumstances. She works with English-speaking individuals in the greater Kaiserslautern Military and Civilian Community, including active duty service members, DOD civilians, contractors, expats, and their family members.

She has over 13 years experience empowering others to live their best lives. She teaches clients how to develop and strengthen personal resiliency in the face of challenging circumstances. She is a seasoned patient educator and advocate, skilled in coalition-building, conflict resolution, and non-profit organizational management. She devotes a portion of her advocacy through membership in the American Headache Society, the International Headache Society, the American Counseling Association, the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients, the Association for Headache Disorder Advocacy. She also volunteers for several nonprofit organizations dedicated to migraine advocacy, patient education, and health care provider training. In addition to individual coaching, Tammy is available for professional consultations, strategic development of disability-friendly workplaces, and public speaking engagements.