Health Coaching for Chronic Pain & Disability

In general, health coaching puts you back in charge of your health by fostering greater self-confidence in managing health concerns, improving the relationship with your doctor, and help you develop new behaviors and ways of thinking that can reduce the overall burden of your health concerns.

Health coaching isn’t a substitute for good medical care. However, it can improve the quality of the care you receive by improving communication with your doctor, strengthening your adherence to treatment recommendations, and reducing the need for medication to relieve acute symptoms.

Life Transition Counseling

For over 70 years, US service members, DOD civilians, and their families have been living and working in Germany, yet the adjustment to German life isn’t always smooth.

Everyday problems are magnified under the stress of an international relocation. Relationships become strained. Feeling overwhelmed, homesick, or isolated becomes all too common.

Sometimes we need a little help navigating all the changes, so if you’re struggling to embrace your new home, KMCLifeCoach can help.