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Autism in girls isn’t what you think

No one ever guessed that this socially-awkward child had autism. After all, she didn’t fit any of the stereotypes. She was highly intelligent, meeting all developmental milestones ahead of schedule. She was polite and articulate with seemingly good social skills.

Rewire Your Brain with CBT

Did you know you can rewire your brain? Neuroscientific research breakthroughs are revealing fascinating new truths about the malleability of our brains and, thus, the malleability of ourselves as well. Previously, scientists thought that the brain was hard-wired and immutable. The widely-held belief was that the brain was a machine that did not change.

Playing by the rules is effective

“Cutting off your nose to spite your face” happens when we focus on being right or fair despite the negative personal consequences. For migraineurs, there are a lot of opportunities for this to happen. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, sometimes we have to play by someone else’s rule in order to get what we want. It can be difficult to swallow our pride and do what is effective in order to get what we want.

One mindfully in the moment

Most people spend their days on “automatic pilot” not really paying attention. We often engage in one activity while our mind is focused on something else. We think we can accomplish more by doing several things at once. This is simply not true. When we bring our whole being into focus on one thing at at time, we are more productive. Sometimes we must quickly switch from one activity to another. The key is to give your full attention to each activity only when you are doing it.