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Last year I started watching a TV show about a concierge doctor who lived and worked in The Hamptons. During one episode, the doctor treated a man who thought he had MS. This man earned a living encouraging other people with chronic illnesses. His motto was “You are not your disease”. Ironically enough, the doctor discovered the man did not have MS, but rather a treatable condition that was not life-threatening. For most of the episode this man protested and argued with the doctor. Only when tests confirmed the doctor’s theory did the man finally relent. At one point the man shouted at the doctor, “But look at me, I am MS!”

We all have things in our lives that define us. If tomorrow you received irrefutable proof that one of these things no longer applied to you, what would happen to your sense of self? Would it be a crisis or a discovery?
It is healthy to re-evaluate what defines you. What makes you, you? Is it your job, your family, your faith, or anything else? What if that thing changed? Would you still be you? What would be different?
I challenge you to join me in self-reflection. Clear out the unnecessary emotional hooks you have placed in changeable things. Set yourself from being defined by what you do or what you have. Just be yourself…no additives or preservatives, just 100% you.

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